Compass App

Compass is an app that can help individuals discover a city’s hidden gems. The idea for this project grew from traveling experiences. Some questions that came to mind were ‘What is near me?’ or ‘What am I missing out on?’. As I spoke to different people, I discovered that individuals want to experience the local life. Although touristy spots are a top on the list for most travelers, it seems that individuals also want to discover those special places that may be overlooked.

I started brainstorming ideas in which I could help individuals discover those hidden sites of a city. My approach was to create the idea of trails for users to follow.

Research Phase
During the discovery phase, I spent time researching the topic travel, learning about my target audience, competitive analysis, and user interviews. I focused my research on user pain points of traveling, mobile influence in correlation with travel decisions, and the rise of online 'near me' searches. I gathered information from article readings and other platforms.

At this stage, I conducted user research and user interviews. I had the opportunity to run one in Spanish. I received valuable input, thoughts, and statements.

Research revealed that individuals want to explore as much as possible but don't know how to find these hidden gems. My research group consisted of travelers and adventurers. To try to cover the whole spectrum, I talked to occasional travelers and constant travelers. They often use applications such as google maps to get from point A to point B or to find new locations. After talking with some users, I found that many times those hidden locations are found through local interaction and word of mouth.
Getting Ideas on paper
The prototype phase kicked off with paper sketches. I presented a total of 5 polarizing concepts to users to get an idea of which ideas were a hit or miss. Based on user reactions, I was able to prioritize which features were most valuable and useful to users.
Series of Prototypes
After going through multiple rounds of ideation and feedback, I decided to focus on user routes. I prioritized features that allowed users to customize personalized routes.
User Journey
The sitemap above illustrates the key journey of the product. Upon landing on the map, the user can activate the compass by clicking the circle button with the compass icon. Once the compass feature opens, the user can select categories of interest and the number of stops to generate a route.
Final Phase
Above, are a couple of the final screens of the compass app. The demo walks through the main flow of the product. It shows how the navigation would function and how users would be able to interact with it throughout the experience.