Unfold Conference

UNFOLD is a hypothetical conference exploring ethical responsibility and technology. The event delves into the topic of diversity in the design landscape and creating a conversation about the designer's ethical role. I worked in collaboration with other graduate-level students to develop a cohesive branding system for the conference.
Developing the Brand
We began by developing an identity system for our conference. We brainstormed names and decided on the term unfold. We thought it was an unexpected term that represented the idea of open-mindedness and diversity. We almost immediately decided on Singapore as our point of location, making the National Design Centre as our venue. We carefully selected Singapore because of its approach for a multiracial, multireligious society.

Upon settling on a name and location for our conference, we also began crafting our own folded letterforms to complement with the theme of UNFOLD.
Online Presence
To promote the conference we designed a website to house information about the conference including speakers, schedule, venue and other logistics. Since our focus revolved around diversity, we incorporated multiple languages in our conference. We designed a version in English and one in Mandarin.
In-conference App
Along with the website, we designed an app that could be used during the conference. The app included the schedule, floor maps of the venue, speaker’s information, and a location for users to access their code and redeem their meals throughout the day.
Promoting the Conference
To further promote the conference UNFOLD, we created a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram along with an email campaign.
Our Venue
We imagined our venue to be reflective of our identity. Our goal was to make the attendee feel welcomed, joyful, and hopeful about a diverse future in the design world. We incorporated our customized letters and numbers into our venue space to make it festive. Afterall, our conference is a celebration of diversity.
The Archive
After the conference concluded, the website changed appearance to recap the highlights of the conference.