Vegains App
The idea for this digital product evolved from personal experience and after coming across different perspectives on a vegan lifestyle.

A problem I found is that transitioning or maintaining a vegan diet can be intimidating. I wanted to create a product that could serve as a guidance tool that provides the essential resources and tips to strive on a vegan diet.

Design Solution: To solve this problem, I centered around providing relevant and easily digestible information to users interested in a vegan lifestyle with the goal of making them feel confident.
Initial Brainstorming
I started off with some desk research, competitive analysis, and brainstorming. I began brainstorming what type of information and features would be useful for users.

During user research, I found that users wanted to discover quick homemade recipes with easy to follow instructions, accessible information on supplementation, and additional resources/tips.
As I explored different approaches, I crafted a Lo-fi diagram of the hero flow of the product.

I centered my biggest design solutions around:
- How to make large amounts of information easily digestible and concise.
- How to make recipe instructions appealing and interactive.
- How to encourage and incentivize users to try recommended retailers.
Site map
A bird eyes view of the different functions of the app. Based on user findings, the following features were prioritized.
Final Stage
Final design screens of VEGAINS. As I explored different methods in which recipes are featured on food apps I came to a realization that icon-based ingredients were more appealing than plain lists.

The idea of incorporating demo videos rather than just static images in the recipes sections also received positive responses. It was found that having quick videos, would be valuable for users to use as a reference when it comes to making the recipe themselves.
In Action
The video above showcases two main features including discover meals and shopping list. Both these features go hand-in-hand. Once the user lands on the discover meals page, they can click on a recipe and have access to step-by-step instructions and ingredients. The user can also click on the individual ingredient icons to start building a shopping list.